kind words from clients

I’ve been riding for about 20 years in eventing and dressage. I’m happy to say I purchased my first horse with the help of Andrea Quale in the last 6 months and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. She’s incredible at finding the right horse for the right person and is able to fit the horse to the rider. She’s also able to make sure the horse is sound and knows the “ins & outs” of horse movement like I’ve never seen. My horse is an OTTB baby and we’ve been enjoying learning how to long line and ride in a calm, healthy and strong way. I would call Andrea a gentle but firm trainer that knows her stuff. If you’re looking for someone who knows a lot about horses with a passion for her clients to harmoniously get along with their horses, she is the trainer for you.
— Lauren E.
I have never before felt so confident with my trainer as I do with Andrea. Kind, caring, and immensely knowledgeable, Andrea was what helped me to turn my run-of-the-mill trail horse to the dressage pro he is today
— Hannah S.
Andrea is a patient and intuitive teacher. Her instruction is clear and informative, and she demonstrates a deep care for her horses.
— Courtie B.
I hadn’t ridden for almost 50 years - Andrea has helped us tremendously with our riding and groundwork. She is exceptional and we are going to be with her for a long, long time.
— Judy B.
Thanks to Andrea, now I understand what it means to be partners, and best friends. Now Lakota and I are a skilled dressage team.
— Jenna M.
I brought my young warmblood jumper to Andrea’s barn this summer to improve her flat work and decompress from her recent importation from Germany. From day one I have been warmly welcomed by Andrea, the Rose Mountain Ranch staff, and her clients. It’s a gorgeous facility that horses seem to love! Andrea has been wonderful to work with and I hope to return with my mare in the future when we get another break from showing and our jumper training.
— Kristan G.
As an international lecturer and instructor at OHSU School of Dentistry, I have very high standards for teaching methods, realizing the student is not a ‘receptacle’ for information and that effective teaching requires discovery learning on the part of the student. Andrea easily recognized riding problems I was having, but blew me away with her effective teaching approach, making me reflect on ‘why’ we did something and ensuring we didn’t proceed until I thoroughly understood each step along the way.
— Bethany V.
Andrea teaches dressage for the harmony between horse and rider, not just for competition. This means that horses and riders are brought along at a pace that makes the journey fun and rewarding. You’ll frequently hear her remind students to appreciate every “try” that the horse gives, and she is adamant that when a horse correctly responds to an aid, the rider must reward the horse by being quiet.
— Jessica S.