Rates based on 45 minutes - 1 hour session

Lessons with own horse $45

Lessons with school horse $55

Group lesson $25 per person



Horse training session $45



Braiding $45/horse

Several coaching/riding options available. Please inquire.



Sales & Consultation 10% Commission

Haul-in fee Rose Mountain Ranch & Painted View Farm Per horse $5


The AHT Dressage Team

As an international lecturer and instructor at OHSU School of Dentistry, I have very high standards for teaching methods, realizing the student is not a ‘receptacle’ for information and that effective teaching requires discovery learning on the part of the student. Andrea easily recognized riding problems I was having, but blew me away with her effective teaching approach, making me reflect on ‘why’ we did something and ensuring we didn’t proceed until I thoroughly understood each step along the way.
— Bethany V.